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The Collab Team’s high-level retainers are your secret weapon to supercharge team efficiency, scale with unwavering confidence, and recruit A+ players who’ll take your business to next level.

This is where The Collab Teams shines BEST, and we’ll walk you through each step towards sustainable operational excellence.

Investment: $10,000/mo (typically 6-12+ months)

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Book a call with one of our Ops Experts to find the right option for you and your business!

Additional Ways to Work with Us!


OPS-X: A 8-Week Operations Accelerator

Not quite ready for a high-level retainer, but want to accelerate your operations to fuel your growth? That’s exactly why we created OPS-X. It’s an 8-week accelerator program that one of our Ops Experts will guide you and your team through the EOS framework of L10 Meetings, helping you develop a working Scorecard with trackable metrics, define Quarterly Rocks and Milestones launching you forward in your Annual Goals and also teach your team how to triage Issues your business is facing on the weekly with precision and accountability!

Investment: $5,000 for an 8 week engagement

Who It's For...

What's Included

Ready to Start?

Book a call with one of our Ops Experts to find the right option for you and your business!


OPS Experts Club + GAP Analyzer Tool

If you’re just getting started or want a DIY solution to your operations, our Ops Experts Club will take you from Level 1 to Level 3 operations through over 35 weeks of on-demand training. PLUS for a limited time get our GAP Analyzer Tool included when you join!

Investment: Only $497 (A $994 value!)

Who It's For...

What's Included

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Get INSTANT ACCESS to over 35 weeks of content + The GAP Analyzer Tool!

A Quick Side-by-Side Comparison

High-Level Retainer

$ 10k Per Month
  • Collab Team’s Proprietary GAP Analyzer
  • Comprehensive Operational Strategy Development Based on EOS
  • Team Structuring and Development
  • Expert Integration and One-on-One Coaching
  • Hiring and Onboarding Assistance
  • Systematic and Regular Reporting

OPS-X Program

$ 5K One-Time Purchase
  • Build Momentum Quickly Over 8 Weeks
  • Comprehensive Operational Strategy Development Based on EOS
  • Integration of 2 Collab Team Experts
  • Access to Industry Expert Vendors

OPS Experts Club

$ 497 One-Time Purchase
  • 35 Weeks of On-Demand Operations Training Videos
  • Access to The Collab Team's DIY GAP Analyzer Tool ($497 Value)
  • Level up from Level 1 to Level 3 Operations as Quickly as 35 weeks!

Why The Collab Team? Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...

Frequently Asked Questions

“I LOVE seeing teams succeed and grow in healthy ways, but what fuels me personally even more is when I know that we empowered that success and growth. At the all-company retreat last year, in front of his entire team and family (nearly 40 people in the room), Pedro Adao looked me in the face and told me that he knows there is no way that he could have grown half the way he had without the Collab Team. Not only was that was a HUGE compliment, it made me feel so good to know we had helped him in such a BIG way! When I see teams who are postured for success and I feel so in one accord with the leaders, it makes me want to back their play as far as I possibly can to help them succeed. It’s just the way I am wired. You found us here for a reason and I believe it’s so that the Collab Team can help you level up your infrastructure so that you can continue to take massive ground moving forward!” Aaron Hovivian, CEO

For our High Level Retainer clients, my goal is to keep the time dedicated by your executive team as minimal as possible. It’s the Collab Team’s job to do the heavy lifting. We only need your team to show up powerfully at the L10s each week (so ONE hour total per week). We will take it from there.

For our High Level Retainer clients, our Collab Team Experts will spend 5-10 hours each week between meetings and developing processes.

This is a great question. As good as we are at Ops (our client list and track record speak for us), we aren’t magicians and this kind of work takes time to establish new rhythms. Once we have completed the GAP and have started L10s, if you will stay consistent with the framework lined out above in regards to commitment to meetings and dedicated focus we can make quick time. Our 12 month commitment is to ensure the systems stick. My team is bad ass, you will only be impressed by them, everyone is.

I need your focus. I know there are lots of big moving pieces that have the potential to distract you and for good reason. But GOOD is the enemy of GREAT and I want to see you take GREAT strides forward. Stick with me, let me help keep your focus on the build out for the next several months and I believe the infrastructure development will build your foundation strong enough to keep growing vertically higher and higher. Without a strong and sturdy foundation, your growth will topple you. Your investment in bringing the Collab Team in is what will set that strong foundation.

Traction is the key to EOS. It will be our job to extract from you all that we need to keep the ball moving between meetings. If you already have put work into an Org Chart, Job Descriptions, SOPs, that can help fast track things. If not, we will help you build it all as a High Level Retainer client.

Truly, distraction is your biggest potential hindrance. We will do our best to keep you focused on the process and we will work with you and for you even amidst distraction, but ultimately YOU will have to decide to stay focused. You know how It goes when you are trying to spend focused time working on something and continually get interrupted and pulled away. That thing that should have taken an hour to accomplish, takes two or three hours instead. The same is true for this kind of work as well. A couple hours a week is all we need to keep the ball moving. Give me that and I promise you will see results.

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