Aaron Hovivian

CEO, Project Lead

A Retainer Client that I really enjoy being a part of is with Steve Harward and the Prime Corporate Services crew. We started with our GAP Analyzer and then continued to build up the infrastructure of their business with EOS as their Operating System. I love strengthening businesses that are already bad ass. Knowing the excellence that EOS brings to their meetings, their Org Chart, their Job Descriptions and ultimately the services they offer their clients PUMPS me up!​
“A character trait that defines or inspires you and why?”
Meekness. I love to be a secret badass that people only realize how excellent I am at what I do after watching me work for a bit.
“Next big vacation destination and why?”
Barcelona, Spain. I’ve heard amazing things about Barcelona. I’d like to spend some time on the islands off the coast as well as in the city.
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